You want to stay informed, no matter where you are? You want to see the same dashboard on your desktop computer, your tablet or your mobile phone? The technology is ready to serve this. And it’s less effort than you think! You have the data, I do the dashboard. Let’sRead More →


This is an account of how not to spend a Sunday! This morning my automatic update (cron-apt) installed a new kernel to all my hosts and virtual machines. Of course a new kernel requires a reboot, so I sat down to get it over with. Usually this is not soRead More →


Encrypted and certified Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the encryption protocol used by practically all websites. However, TLS can be used also for encrypting other communication channels like VPNs, email etc. TLS is based on a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI), which issues certificates for the owners of public keys. ThisRead More →