Friends with Power BI?

Getting started with Power BI is easy. But if the demands on the analyses increase, it quickly starts getting complicated – right?

Try and error is certainly neither efficient nor effective. Targeted training avoids frustration, mistakes and ensures quick success.

I have been using Power BI for years for my customers and can therefore not only convey theory but also valuable tips from practice.

My hands-on training tailored to your needs will enable you to achieve your goals faster. Regardless of your preference, a one-day crash course, 3 days intensive training, “learning on the job” or a completely different format, I can provide just what you need. I prefer to do such training events as in person meetings, as it has proven to be both, more effective and efficient. Also consider doing it off-site, so the sources of distraction are reduced. You decide.

I look forward to talking it over with you, no matter which of the communications channel (below) you prefer.