Agile Software Development

“Agile” is one of the most important innovations in the software development field. Properly applied, Agility helps to keep track, learn, housekeep and adhere to deadlines – as well as countless other petty things in everyday development. Scrum and SAFe in particular help to structure the development process and teams. Important findings of the past decades have been woven into these methodologies.

Unfortunately, the term “Agility” is frequently abused to excuse unreliability. In most cases this is due to lack of appropriate knowledge or insufficient tooling.

However, if you are seriously working with Scrum or SAFe, you will create better software at higher speeds!

Switching from the traditional “waterfall method” to Agile is a challenge for everyone in the company – from developers all the way up to the CEO. Typically, additional outside support is required as workloads are almost always temporarily increased.

I offer support to effect this changeover. I will bring the right tooling, as well as temporary management of Scrum teams, program management and process optimisation.