A picture tells a thousand words! For many people this proverb holds true. Be it bars, lines, 3D graphs, bubble charts or any other type of visualisation, they convey a message from the displayed data in a single glance. What individual form of display is used depends on the informationRead More →


There is usually more information in a given dataset than one would expect. The Austrian Post scandal has demonstrated this impressively and gives a faint idea of what Google is capable of doing, especially as the information grows faster than linear with the amount of data. So having more dataRead More →


Encrypted and certified Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the encryption protocol used by practically all websites. However, TLS can be used also for encrypting other communication channels like VPNs, email etc. TLS is based on a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI), which issues certificates for the owners of public keys. ThisRead More →


Although theoretically independent of the subject of a project, managing an IT project requires special managerial skills. This is especially true as it takes special methods to assess and track progress. The project manager needs special knowledge to be successful, particularly in an agile environment. A special, but recurring challengeRead More →


Decisions are taken based on data in reports. Do you have all reports, that you wish for? Is the data contained in them correct? Up to date and correct reports are crucial for everybody in management. How much effort does it take to create them? Is it worth the effortRead More →


Classic data warehouses are relational databases whose structure is optimized for fast querying of the contained data. The power of data warehouses lies in linking data. This creates new insights into the underlying business. Typical applications are the combination of financial data with those of production by e.g. the profitabilityRead More →

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I have decided to move my web page to one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS): WordPress. Installation proved to be fairly simple. It proved to be a lot harder to decide on a template for my page. After comparing a few I ended up with “Hoot Business“,Read More →