What is the real value of reports? And how much do they cost? My answer to this is simple: Reports have no value at all! Only the interpretation of a report by a knowledgeable person generates added value. How much time do your employees spend creating reports? Shouldn’t they focusRead More →

You want to stay informed, no matter where you are? You want to see the same dashboard on your desktop computer, your tablet or your mobile phone? The technology is ready to serve this. And it’s less effort than you think! You have the data, I do the dashboard. Let’sRead More →


This is an account of how not to spend a Sunday! This morning my automatic update (cron-apt) installed a new kernel to all my hosts and virtual machines. Of course a new kernel requires a reboot, so I sat down to get it over with. Usually this is not soRead More →

totota old and new

What was the secret behind Toyota’s rise from a family run loom manufacturer to one of the world’s biggest and best auto brands? Some even claim it has been the best brand of all. Whatever the ranking may be, Toyota managed to rise from a negligible market participant to aRead More →


Finally, I have retired the old, Ghost based website, which was available until this morning. The decision to move away was primarily triggered by the fact that I could not find an easy way to build a bi-lingual website. All content has been moved and new posts will be publishedRead More →


Crises separate the wheat from the chaff, so they say. Not knowing one’s own situation carries risk. The narrower the operational environment, the higher the risk. When cost pressure rises, it is an instinctive reaction to analyse cost and start savings programmes. Adding urgency and unreliable information significantly raises theRead More →


A picture speaks a thousand words. In times of Corona and the incessant media coverage of the subject, I thought it might be interesting to analyse the data myself. I used the data provided by John Hopkins university to create the chart above and a few others. Globally speaking, theRead More →


Software development as it should be: WinSCP! I have been using WinSCP for transferring files for years because it supports a host of protocols. With Secure Copy (scp) it supports my demand for security. Recently, its author shipped version 5.17 with a bug which probably affected only a few users.Read More →


Special challenges need special solutions. Most companies walk a thin line between off-the-shelf software and individual solutions. How this decision is taken depends on many factors, such as the desire or need to optimise, cost and maintenance efforts, to name but a few. A primary principle for such decisions shouldRead More →